Our School

Point O’View Elementary School first opened its doors to the community in 1966. Our current principal is Mr. John Chowns. We serve approximately 720 students from kindergarten through fifth grade and have a committed faculty that helps students achieve their very best, in partnership with actively involved parents and community business leaders. Our community partners enhance the educational program by providing support where needed, such as volunteering time and services that benefit every student at Point O’View ES. Special programs at Point O’View Elementary School include: Virginia Beach Reads, after school tutoring, gifted and talented services, and special education programs. An on-site before and after school recreation program is provided by the Virginia Beach Youth-Based Activity Program administered by the Virginia Beach Department of Parks and Recreation.

The Mission Statement

The mission of Point O' View Elementary School, in cooperation with the family and community, is to prepare children to function responsibly and successfully in a changing and global society by promoting life-long learning through a variety of teaching methods based on learning styles and individual needs

The Purpose

The purpose of Point O' View Elementary School is to provide a changing, up-to-date curriculum that will challenge, stimulate and meet the present needs of each student. The school strives to provide experiences and opportunities that assure each student's success regardless of ability. Point O' View Elementary strives to be a cooperative enterprise between home and community, based on the interests and needs of all students. Our students are taught to live and learn in a democratic society where they can understand themselves and others.

The School Objectives Are:

to teach each child the basic skills in language arts and mathematics; 
to provide children with experiences that allow them to think and make judgments themselves; 
to teach each child to follow directions and develop skills of inquiry; 
to develop habits conducive to sound physical and mental health; 
to encourage each child to accept responsibilities; 
to stimulate and cultivate a creative imagination; and 
to teach each child the discipline necessary to develop self-direction, self-control, and good moral character.