Videos for APEX
Tuesday, March 9 - Game On Pep Rally
Video Lessons Spanish Video Lessons
Wednesday, March 10 –        G Go-Getter                G Go Getter (Spanish)
Wednesday, March 10 - How to Get a Pledge and Dance Fit: Cardio
Thursday, March 11 -             A Appreciate               A Appreciate (Spanish)
Friday, March 12 -                  M Move Forward         M Move Forward (Spanish)
Monday, March 15 - Dance Fit: Slow/Fast
Tuesday, March 16 -               E Explore                   E Explore (Spanish)
Wednesday, March 17 -         O Others First             Others First (Spanish)
Thursday, March 18 -             Now What?              N Now What? (Spanish)
ReMix Event 
Friday, March 19 - https://vimeo.com/458610191