POV Read-Aloud and Movie Night

Roald Dahl The BFG
Copyright Penguin Books
All POV families are invited to join the staff in a read-aloud event. We will be reading aloud the book,
The BFG, by Ronald Dahl. Families will be provided with a calendar that includes a timeline for listening to each of the 23 chapters read aloud by one of our staff members. All students will be issued their copy of the book on Friday, February 25th. The links to the read aloud of each chapter will be included on the POV website. Families can listen to the read alouds at their own convenience. Students will be provided with guiding a question before each chapter is read aloud. Upon completion of the book, we will be hosting a Family Movie Night. This virtual event will take place on 2 separate nights. The firs night will be Wednesday, March 30th and the second will be Thursday March 31st. Families will have the opportunity to drive by the school on Wednesday OR Thursday evening from 4:30-5:15 to pick up their pizza and get the Zoom streaming code. To prepare for this event we ask that you fill out the Google form below by 3/18/22. After returning home, the movie night will begin at 6:00. We hope that each of you will join us for both the read aloud and the movie night!

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Link for Read-Aloud Flipgrid Chapters
Make sure you click on the Chapter Title to View the Video and Respond if you would like