Virtual Learning Resources

Below you will find resources that will help students get the most out of Virtual Learning:
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Chromebook Tips for Students and Parents for Issues with Virtual Meetings-
use the links below for ways to improve or fix issues with cameras and audio in a virtual meeting.

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Face Mask Code of Conduct for Students - This document explains expectations and consequences for students wearing face masks.
Face Mask Exemption Form - This form can be used to exempt a student from wearing a mask. This must be filled out by a Physician. 

Technical Support form VBCPS Department of Technology

Use this link to access a VBCPS Resource Video site that will help inform you of the resources your child will be using for virtual learning.
VBCPS Students should use a School issued device for Virtual Learning- if you did not pickup a Chromebook for your child at the end of last year you will need to get one.

ZOOM HELP- Use this link to access resources to help you connect using Zoom

How to Log on to a School Issued Chromebook use the link for picture instructions
Open the Chromebook- it will automatically turn on
The Classlink Logon window will appear
Type in your student id number for the User Name or Account Name
Type in your password (if you do not know your password, contact your teacher)
Click Login.

Hotspots from Department of Technology- Parents, Use the link to fill out a form to get a hotspots if you don't have WIFI at home.

WIFI Hotspots from Cox Cable - Cox Cable has setup area Wifi Hotspots for students and parents to be able to have online access to the internet. Use the link to find these locations nearest you.

Note Important Chromebook tip: If your child has a school issued Chromebook at home, it is important that they shut it completely down at the end of using it, especially at night before plugging in to charge. This will prevent the Chromebook from going into a deep sleep which you can't wake it and the Chromebook will need to be re-imaged by the school TST.


Troubleshooting Guide Use this link for troubleshooting login and other issues.

Chromebook Clean Up video- this video will help you make your Chromebook run faster. Make sure you follow the directions so you can get your Chromebook running like new.

**How to fix a Chromebook with two cameras so that it works correctly in video conferencing programs

How to Fix Your Chromebook That Won’t Turn On- Use this guide to help you get your Chromebook to turn back on. 

How to Fix Smarty Ants Microphone Issues- Use this guide to troubleshooting microphone issues with Smarty Ants

Additional Instructional Resources

Websites for Read Alouds and Activities- list of websites with activities and read alouds

POV Reads- YouTube Channel with our Kindergarten teachers reading books.

How to Access Destiny ebooks- use this link to watch a video on how to access Destiny ebooks with your child.

Stay Connected with the POV Library- Get resources and play some Digital Breakouts.

Tips for Students

How to Split Screen Your Chromebook

How To Screen Shot on a Chromebook